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Things started going really bad in Spain between 2008 and 2011, with the beginning of cuts dictated by the European Commission, the Central European Bank and the International Monetary Fund – the dreaded Troika. Before that, the cultural sector and the performing arts had gone through almost 30 years of cultural policy developments aiming to create structures and to support creation and production of artistic works. With varying success, such policies organised   and strengthened an unprecedented artistic fabric. Austerity policies provoked a setback that will take several years to be overcome, if at all.

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Assemblea General de IETM a Amsterdam
Assemblea General de IETM a Amsterdam

Article publicat a la Revista Entreacte (Associació d’Actors i Directors Professionals de Catalunya). Núm. 194. Estiu 2016.

No em cansaré mai de recomanar l’assistència a algun dels dos Plenary Meetings  de l’IETM que tenen lloc anualment a les ciutats d’Europa. Ara en tenim una bona oportunitat ja que el proper Meeting plenari serà a València, del 3 al 6 de novembre. Seguir leyendo L’IETM PER APODERAR-NOS COM A PROFESSIONALS DE LA CULTURA

Tendencias del Sector Cultural en 2014

Tendencias, proyectos e investigaciones

Información en Invierno de 2014

El interés por la internacionalización que artistas, compañías y estructuras culturales de las artes en vivo mostraron durante el pasado 2013 hizo que se multiplicaran las peticiones de talleres, asesorías e informaciones para la planificación de los procesos de internacionalización. Ya en 2014 muchos proyectos de internacionalización están en marcha y, paralelamente, nuevas herramientas para acceder a los recursos disponibles. Seguir leyendo Tendencias del Sector Cultural en 2014


Atenes va acollir el darrer meeting de tardor de l’IETM

Article publicat a la Revista Entreacte (Associació d’Actors i Directors Professionals de Catalunya). Núm. 184. Hivern 2013.

Fa unes setmanes vaig visitar Atenes per participar a la reunió plenària del “IETM – International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts”. Feia un parell d’anys que no hi treia el cap i aquesta vegada m’interessava molt. Saber què està passant en el món de les arts escèniques a Grècia i parlar amb la gent que dia a dia està lluitant per tirar endavant, m’omple de curiositat i respecte. La visita no ha estat cap decepció. Seguir leyendo LA CULTURA AL NORD I AL SUD D’EUROPA: DIFERÈNCIES CREIXENTS

Challenging the Crisis in Performing Arts Sector

The summaries and conclusions of “Open Forum Feria Huesca 2011” have been published. The debates, under the name “Reinvent Yourself to Challenge the Crises” of the Spanish performing arts sector, took place during three months in a “Facebook Group” finishing in an on-site session, the 30th of September of this year in Huesca during “Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza”. Seguir leyendo Challenging the Crisis in Performing Arts Sector

Theatres in London and UK

I wrote this report four years ago as a result of the training trip I curated for the “Spanish Network of Public Theatres” to London and Oxford. In this trip, around 30 Spanish directors of public theatres traveled to London to meet English colleagues, exchanges information with them, being familiar with their projects and visits the spaces.

The report is written both in Spanish and in English and cover main aspects of cultural policies in England, description of the English model of management of theatres and a complete review of the theatres visited.

The performing arts spaces are divided into three geographical areas that cover three different theatre models. These spheres can be visualised as three concentric circles whose central point is in the centre of London. Seguir leyendo Theatres in London and UK

Toni Gonzalez Moves to London his Base of Operations

I am pleased to inform that in the coming days I’ll move to London and from there I will continue my professional career as a consultant for the performing arts and international management culture. I foresee a stay in London for about two months. Seguir leyendo Toni Gonzalez Moves to London his Base of Operations

New “Spanish Network of Public Theatres” Travel Notebook: The Netherlands

Performing arts venues in Netherlands
Performing arts venues in the Netherlands

Just published the third volume devoted to the Netherlands in the collection “La Red Travel Notebooks”. This collection began with London and Berlin, is the result of the training trips I’ve been designing annually for the Spanish Network of Public Theatres. Its aim is to present models and best practices in managing theatres and concert halls in Europe. In addition, in each of the volumes is an immersion in systems of cultural policies that give its support to public and subsidized theatres.

The three volumes have been reissued in a new design and published bilingual, Spanish and English. With this step the activities of the Network of Spanish Theatres goes beyond, starting as an international research centre specializing in management of performing arts venues. The new publications can be downloaded at the following links:

Travel Notebook 3: the Netherlands

Travel Notebook 2: Berlin and Potsdam

Travel Notebook 1: London and Oxford

The new volume includes a first part of cultural policy and the Dutch system of performing arts exhibition. The second section describes the most innovative venues of Holland from the point of view of management, the artistic project and its architecture. Among others presents the Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam Zuidplein Theater, Theaters Tilburg, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam and Het Muziektheater aan’tlj Muziekgebouw, these last two important concert halls in Amsterdam. All theaters show the main figures for its operation: budgets, audiences, number of representations, etc.

The three volumes are an indispensable collection if you want to learn the differences between the various management models of subsidized European theatres. Also provide a perfect tool for catching up on trends and innovations that pioneered performance spaces of Europe are currently developing.

Overview Internationalization Performing Arts Projects

PowerPoint of my lecture on Wednesday 3 November in Santander (Spain) at the general meeting of the Spanish Network of Independent Theaters. Seguir leyendo Overview Internationalization Performing Arts Projects

Few days to start La Feria de Teatro y Danza de Huesca

In my third year of collaboration with the Feria de Huesca (Hueca international showcase for performing arts) I can’t but express satisfaction with the results obtained. The difficulty of pulling ahead in Spain a performing arts project which encourage innovation and contemporanity above populism, tradition and simple entertainment (I feel a deep sorrow for the case of Gijon’ La Laboral) can be optimistic about the strength of the Feria de Huesca and its position in the future.

Macarena Recuerda Shepherd


The strong commitment of the patrons  for the contemporary performing arts and the debate in the context of professional meeting point has given the expected results and I am convinced this year will be definitively consolidated. Anyway, we must be careful since no one escapes the strong dependence  of the culture sector  on politics in Spain  and the approaching election times, and therefore possible changes in the political ecosystem.

Compañía La Tristura


I encourage you to continue the link of the Fair to look at the Artistic Programme and the Professional Conference. Concerning artistic programme I put some significant videos, although there is much more. The Conference is titled “Time for Revolution” (look at the introductory text) and no doubt will be a good place to reflect what changes are needed in the cultural sector to advance much further, with or without crisis.

Montreal Danse


Whoever approaches La Feria de Huesca , I am sure will have a few days of discovery and reflection necessary for the future of their professional activity.