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News from de Spanish Cultural Sector: Budget Cuts and Protests

Agrupación Sr. Serrano
Creative Artists Have it Harder Now in Spain (Agrupación Sr. Serrano - Katastrophe)

I copy in my blog this text initially published in IETM website 

Spanish government budget cuts began in 2009, but the most important arts cuts have been in Autonomous Communities (regions)’s budgets, as they have the most responsibility and funding for culture. Autonomous communities share this with local governments, now mostly bankrupt or with huge debts. The total reductions for the arts are thus more than 25% in global figures, comprising regions and local authorities.

The reaction of artists and arts organisations is muted – everyone is in a state of shock (reinforced by governments and media). There is a universal reaction against cuts in public services, including education and health as well as culture, but culture is the last in the line. Other issues in the protests are corruption, lack of transparency …… There is widespread criticism of the European Council’s policy to control public debt by “austerity” budgets, when everybody in Spain knows that the problem is private, not public, debt : the banks. Seguir leyendo News from de Spanish Cultural Sector: Budget Cuts and Protests