“mov-s/madrid 2010” – The Active Spectator

Presentation of “mov-s/madrid 2010 to be held at the “Centro de Arte Reina Sofia” in Madrid and performing arts venues of the city from 10 to 13 June. Information www.move-s.org

Under the generic title of “The Active Spectator”, the third edition of mov-s aims to delve into the reality of today’s audience. The relationship between performer and spectator can be enriched through the transformation from a passive spectator to an active spectator, who is the protagonist in their relationship with the artist. Considering the spectator as being intimately involved with the artist’s work is a path relatively little explored by the arts, in particular the dance and movement arts, and is a way for a large number of people to be involved in artistic creation.

“Rosas” dance company presents “Bal Moderne”: The spectator can be a dancer.

The characteristics that turn people into active spectators, capable of
recognising, and, at the same time, valuing contemporary performing arts
creations, are knowledge of, and interaction with, the artists. Moreover, on
numerous occasions, it is the creative activity of the spectator or his/her
community, who are in fact the real authors of the artistic work. On the other
hand one must bear in mind that nowadays participation doesn’t necessarily
depend upon geographical distances or adhere to set times, due to networks
and communities becoming more flexible, unusual in form, size and scope.


Cesc Gelabert dance with youngsters in a Barcelona’s high school centre.

It is as important for heads of artistic centres, programmers or institutions, as it is for artists, to consider the presence and growth of the number of spectators as a priority. Unfortunately this is a task often condemned to failure when methods of developing audience numbers have been centred exclusively on classical marketing methods. Opting for a different type of relationship with the spectator, which can also be maintained in other disciplines within the performing arts, opens more new paths for investigation.


“Ruedapies Danza”: Dance and integration.

In order to gain further knowledge into the different areas regarding the “Active Spectator” national and international experts will be invited. Professionals will also be invited who, from their experience, stand out for their in-depth knowledge of the spectator and for having developed activities that bring the spectator closer to the artist. The guests will talk about their proposals in plenary sessions so that afterwards the “spectators” participating in mov-s will have their say in smaller groups.


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